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Based in a small village deep in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside, the dee-jaying days finally came to an end after nearly 37 very good years. The memories remain and so does all the Vinyl records – nearly  24,000 titles  at the last count containing all the categories, and artists you would associate with years gone by. So, with the turntables well and truly hung up for good, and the Vinyl Records stored away, now comes the time to let go all those quality tunes that have served so well over the dee-jaying period. So this is when I decided to set up this website and hopefully give many other people the chance to enjoy and get as much pleasure as I have from the Vinyl collection and to buy from my vast collection of  Vinyl  records.

A collection that contains all the types of music you would expect to find, from the  Rock ‘n’ Roll  years to the swinging  60s, when pop music dominated the air waves on those now infamous pirate radio stations, the introduction of what was then new sound from the States – the  Motown  sound what a voyage that turned out to be. Then the  Glam Rock  era at the start of the  70s , and the disco boom to the  Mod & Ska  revival taking us into the electronic 80s & the dance scene then on to those rave parties throughout the  90s  to what we now call Brit Pop,Old Skool, and so it goes on.There are many  Vinyl 7″,10″,12″,Picture Discs,Albums,& White Label  rarities to be re-discovered, and plenty of long lost gems just waiting to get re-born in the 21st Century.

As well as buying from our web site you can also pay over telephone, just ring through your order and instant payment can be made if you prefer not to go through the other options provided on the site maybe you prefer a move personal approach.